Lets face it. You are looking for a killer investment that grows sales, drives new customers, and increases customer satisfaction. It needs to be inexpensive, look incredible, and provide a high class, impression setting result. For you and the customer. Welcome to the world of Custom Water.

Personalized Water Bottles

Personalized water bottles can help you set an impressive stage with your customers. Break the ice with a new customer with something that is very unique. Custom Water Bottles are priced at wholesale, making them super affordable. Why let an opportunity to impress your customers slip through your fingers (or theirs). Is it time to set your business apart and drive customer satisfaction to a whole new level?

Sizes of Custom Water Bottles

Custom Water Bottle Sizes

We offer several sizes of water bottles that can be both personalized and customized. The larger the water bottle, the larger your label can be. Mini water bottles are available for those with small bottle size requirements.

  • 8 ounce Water Bottles
  • 12 ounce Water Bottles
  • 16.9 ounce Water Bottles
  • 23.7 ounce Water Bottles
  • 33.8 ounce Water Bottles

Each water bottle suits a different need. Are you breaking the ice at a car dealership or trade show? The 8oz and 12oz mini water bottles are your best bet. Serving water bottles in Valet or at the Service Department? The 12oz and 16.9oz sizes are great options for cup holders. Or, are you providing table service at a restaurant or nightclub? Take a look at our larger bottle sizes, they are great for filling of cups and group use.

You will grow your sales with Custom Label Bottle Waters

Our clients have let us in on some of the secrets of their amazing success. One of the more popular tips we hear from business owners is about the importance of focusing on the customers “touch points”. Touch points range from the greetings, the door and entry way, ice breakers, the invitations and go all the way to the changing rooms, check out counters and gifts. Labeled bottle water fits in nicely as hydrated customers are happy ones. Data from the USGS shows that people are thirsty! According to research, the typical adult consumes around 2 to 3 Liters of water per day! Personalized water bottles are an incredible tool in your arsenal to win the customer over.

Here are a few words from our clients;

“We figure at least 20% of our water gets into our customers homes. What a great way to make a profit and sell ourselves!”
“We put bottles in the vehicles cup holders. Our message ends up all over town with our customers (indirect) endorsement.”
“Rather than only handing them a business card as they leave, hand them a bottle of water. They will be the ones thanking you!”

Custom labeled water are finding great success in a wide variety of industries including;

  • Sporting Events
  • Fundraisers & Charities
  • Schools & Universities
  • Spa’s & Health Clubs
  • Retail Stores
  • Nightclubs & Lounges
  • Trade shows & Expos
  • Restaurants
  • Boutiques
  • Auto Dealers
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Hospitals & Surgery Centers
  • Event & Product Marketing
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • Valet Services
  • Catering Companies
  • Real Estate Agents & Agencies
  • Weddings & Reunions

Add a unique touch to your Custom Water Bottles

There are several different ways to customize your water bottle. Bottle type, cap color, and most importantly, label style and content. Consider your private label a blank canvas. To get an idea of what to place, consider what you would put on your business card and expand from there. Use this area to maximize your branding and personality with full color, imagery, logos and helpful information. These are just a few of the more popular bits our clients place on their label. What you choose is entirely up to you!

  • Your Company Logo
  • Marketing slogan
  • Product Information
  • Phone number, website, license # etc.
  • Brand colors
  • Full Color Photo

Rest assured, all of your info will be set on waterproof labels and look great once placed on a bottle!

We have an expert label design team on staff, feel free to let us design your custom water label! To get started, send CustomWater your logo and info and we will handle everything else!

Mini Water Bottles

Sizes of Custom Water Bottles

We offer a variety of personalized water bottles and label options. Our custom water bottles are run year round (during business days) and in massive quantities to insure peak efficiency. This means that you will receive both the best quality and most affordable personalized water bottles available.

Mini Custom Water Bottles
Customized Water Bottles
Private Label Water Bottles
my label water bottle
Ribbed 12oz
Bullet 12oz
Ribbed 16.9oz
Bullet 16.9oz

Unique Extras for your Water Bottle

Custom Water Bottle Caps
Clear Label Water Bottles
Foil Label Water Bottles
3 D Water Labels
Color Caps
Clear Labels
Foil Labels
3-D Clear Labels

We Ship Water Nationwide

We Ship Nationwide

When we first started out we had several customers who customers asked, no, demanded, that we ship Nationwide. So we did! And thanks to our great customers, 16 years later we now operate 9 production facilities located strategically throughout the United States. This means we can ship to all 50 states very cost effectively. Each and every project we produce is bottled as near as possible to the shipments intended destination. This reduces our environmental impact, creates a very fast delivery and helps us deliver on our promise of incredible customer service.

We deliver business water and wedding water to a wide range of destinations ranging from Residences, Small Offices and Storage Unit’s all the way to Nightclubs, Convention Centers, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Sports Arenas. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Water Bottle Shipment Quantities

Each of our orders ships out on standard 48″ x 40″ wooden shipping pallets. Your cases of custom label bottle water are carefully stacked in an engineered way to insure the best structure and stability through transport. Once stacked, these palletized loads of bottle water are shrink wrapped and placed on the loading dock for transport. Typical shipment weights and quantities are outlined below for your reference.

BottlePack SizeCases per PalletBottles Per PalletCase WeightWeight per Pallet
12oz24 Bottles per Case84 Cases2,01620lbs1743lbs
16.9oz24 Bottles per Case72 Cases1,72830lbs2225lbs
23.7oz24 Bottles per Case60 Cases1,44042lbs2540lbs
33.8oz12 Bottles per Case56 Cases67230lbs1745lbs

About our Custom Water Bottles

Personalized Water Bottles

All of our Custom Water Bottle manufacturing takes place in the United States. Quality is very important to us so we only create durable, high quality clear plastic water bottles. All of our bottles are free of BPA. This insures that you drink only the purest water from each bottle. Each and every plastic water bottle we manufacture is recyclable.

CustomWater designs water bottle labels in house. Our label specialists are masters of creating custom water label designs that impress both you and the clients you are serving. Each of your bottle labels are full color process (CMYK). That is art-speak for us being able to print every color under the rainbow on your label, should your project require it. Oh, and did we mention that we only use waterproof labels?

Our custom water bottles are very convenient to carry. The 8oz, 12oz and 16.9oz water bottles all fit nicely into cup holder, purse or customers hands. While slightly larger, our 1 Liter bottles contain several servings of water and are a great option for those looking to enhance table service, or offer bottles for sale.

We are often asked about our mini water bottle options. If that is something you are looking for, be sure to take a look at our 8oz and 12oz options. There is two different sizes of water, but due to the quantity of plastic being the same, the cost per bottle is almost identical. The 8oz bottle size was our primary bottle until we launched the new 12oz water bottle. 12 ounce water bottles are by far our most popular option because it provides 50 percent additional water while also offering additional marketing real estate through the larger label size.

How to Order Custom Water

To place an order of custom water bottles, the first step is to send over your logo so that we can build out your private label concept. Send us the details of your project, the information that you would like to see on your label. Our team will handle the rest!

Info on the following will help us create your free project estimate:

  • Number of cases you are interested in receiving.
  • Water Bottle Size.
  • Extras ie. colored/sport caps, special label types etc.
  • Delivery Info (i.e. Do you need a liftgate, special delivery window, rush, etc).

Once we receive your approval on the estimate and label design we can begin production. The best way to provide project approval is via email.

Order Placement for Repeat Customers
If we have worked together before then ordering is even easier. Just give us a call or shoot us a message and we will working on another order of your water bottles right away. It is that easy! We keep all your information on file and can easily place the same exact order as you initially placed, with no added costs! In most cases, there is savings to be had on recurring orders. This will automatically be passed along.

How soon can I receive my water bottles?

CustomWater moves quickly in order to better support the needs of our customers. Once your label design is approved, personalized water bottle orders are typically filled in 3-4 weeks for first time orders, sometimes less. We can ship re-orders in 10-12 business days. If your labels are in stock at our facility, a recurring orders take 7-10 business days, sometimes much less. Depending on your proximity to our water bottling plant, deliveries can take place next day or up to 3-4 business days after the product ships. Understand that these are quoted times, but in many cases we are shipping much sooner. For the better estimate on turn times, please contact our team with your project details.

Brand yourself with Personalized Water Bottles

Great tasting, beautiful bottles with your label.