Personalized Water Bottles

Personalized Bottle Water by CustomWater

Personalized Water Bottles are an exceptional promotional tool. Handing a customer a bottle of water is an opportunity to both break the ice and promote yourself. Each bottle you serve will be personalized with a custom label that is unique to your company. Why pay to promote another company when you can sell your own?

“When we figured out the marketing behind it, we increased our water usage dramatically, and instead of selling someone else’s name, we promoted Crevier BMW”Mike L., Crevier BMW - #1 BMW Dealership in North America

Custom Water Bottle Options

CustomWater supplies a variety of personalized bottle water sizes and label options. Our custom bottles are run year round and in massive quantities to insure peak efficiency. This translates into both the best quality and best prices for personalized bottle water available today.

Personalized Label Bottle Water - 12oz with Custom Label

12oz Ribbed Economy

Custom Label Bottle Water 12oz

12oz Bullet Designer

Custom 16.9oz Bottle Water my label

16.9oz Ribbed Economy

Personalized Label Bottle Water designer label

16.9oz Bullet Designer

Personalize your bottle with these extra options

Custom Color Water Bottle Caps

Color Caps

Custom Water Bottle with Clear Label

Clear Labels

Custom Foil Label for Personalized Label Water Bottle

Foil Labels

Custom Label Water bottle with 3d clear label

3-D Clear Labels

Extra options are limited to certain production facilities and may not be available during peak season. Color, combination subject to change. Inquire for current specials and options.

Custom Water Bottle Sizes

Water bottles come in a variety of sizes. When ordering your personalized water you can take your pick from any of our sizes listed below. Please note the market availability of our 8oz is limited.

  • 8oz Water Bottle ( 0.237 Liter)
  • 12oz Water Bottle ( 0.355 Liter )
  • 16.9oz Water Bottle ( 0.5 Liter )
  • 23.7oz Water Bottle ( 0.70 Liter )
  • 33.8oz Water Bottle ( 1 Liter )

“We figure at least 20% of our water gets into our customers homes. What a great way to make a profit and sell ourselves!”Phil G., Cafe Sevilla

How to Order Personalized Bottle Water

The first step to placing an order for custom bottle water is to create a custom label design. We would be happy to help you put together an outstanding label design, all you need to do is send us your logo and let us know what you are looking for. The team at Custom Water will take care of the rest!

Next, we will need to know the following information about your order:

  • How many cases you would like to receive on your first order.
  • Bottle Size and Style. We offer a variety of sizes including Standard, Large and Mini custom water bottles.
  • Any special options or extras you would like (colored/sport caps, special label types etc.).
  • Shipping & Delivery Information (i.e. lift gate, delivery window, date, special requests).

Upon receiving all of the above information we will be able to get started on your free private label water estimate. Once you approve your estimate we can begin your order right away! The best way to do this is send us a message or give us a call.

How to place orders for repeat customers

Repeat orders are super easy. Just give us a call or shoot us a message and we will get started on it right away. It is as easy as that! We keep all your information on file and can easily place the same exact order as you initially placed, with no added costs! In many cases, you will find savings on your follow up orders.

Personalized Water Bottle Shipment Quantities

Pallet of Personalized Water Bottles available Nationwide

Each of our orders ships out on standard 48″ x 40″ wooden shipping pallets. Your cases of custom label bottle water are carefully stacked in an engineered way to insure the best structure and stability through transport. Once stacked, these palletized loads of bottle water are shrink wrapped and placed on the loading dock for transport. Typical shipment weights and quantities are outlined below for your reference.

BottlePack SizeCases per PalletBottles Per PalletCase WeightWeight per Pallet
12oz24 Bottles per Case84 Cases2,01620lbs1743lbs
16.9oz24 Bottles per Case72 Cases1,72830lbs2225lbs
23.7oz24 Bottles per Case60 Cases1,44042lbs2540lbs
33.8oz12 Bottles per Case56 Cases67230lbs1745lbs

Brand yourself with Personalized Water Bottles

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