Custom Water Bottle Pricing

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Water bottle pricing is based on volume. The more custom water bottles you purchase, the better deal you receive.

We offer a range of quantities starting at 72 cases on our 16.9oz bottles and 84 cases on our 12oz bottles. Orders can range from a single pallet, to multiples, truckloads, and regular deliveries throughout the year. All of these factors play into the water bottle pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is based on two factors – product combination and total volume. Some of our clients are looking for a one-time solution (trade show, special events etc.), while others opt to set up a regular program (hotels, auto dealers, event marketers, etc.). We are happy to support either type of ordering, but please understand that the lowest pricing is achieved when we run higher volumes.

We bottle Nationwide with facilities in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New York, Ohio and Oregon. We regularly service the surrounding areas and ship worldwide. Rest assured, we have serviced clientele worldwide (seriously!) and would be happy to ship anywhere you need water. Note, we haven’t tried the moon yet but hey, there is always a first time right?

Excellent! Once we better understand your total volume and destination (so we can estimate freight) we can provide a very detailed estimate for you to review. These orders are typically turned around in less than 3-4 weeks from artwork approval.

Fantastic! This is where we really shine. We can provide several volume estimates based on your historical or potential annualized usage. Once you pick the option that best suits your project and label artwork is approved the bottles start to roll down the line. When the product is ready to ship we will arrange for transport utilizing the most cost effective/time efficient method. As you are an ongoing project, we will be checking in with you periodically to support your needs and insure you do not run out of supply. For very regular clients we even take an inventory position to insure seamless supply.

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